Founded in Lebanon on September 2013, Min ila is a civil, independent and non-governmental organization that is determined to bring a positive change to the society through citizenship education.

The Vision

We envision a society with active, empowered and alerted citizens capable of creating a social change.

The Mission

Our mission is to empower citizens – especially the youth and marginalized – by fostering citizenship education, promoting a culture of social responsibility and nurturing an engagement to the nation.

The Objectives

Our main objective is to develop innovative content, tools and methodology for citizenship education through formal and non-formal education. We strive to build the concept of a “democratic citizenship” that is centered on the ideals of social justice, human rights, democracy, gender equality, accountability, transparency, solidarity, and civics. We are highly dedicated to raising awareness on political, economical, environmental, and social issues in order for citizens – especially the youth – to become responsible and engaged with the nation.


Our passion is revolved around the innovation of citizenship education and its learning processes. Our three programs – Formal and Non-Formal Education and an Employability and Vocational Program - are revolved around teaching our students a wide array of skills. Citizenship Education is a dedication that aims to teaching new skills, knowledge, and attitudes that are required to be an active, democratic, responsible and critical citizen. This is where we teach them how to tackle the formal and non-formal education sector through various different projects.

Formal Education

Within the Classroom

By proposing a new civic education curriculum for schools, we are creating an entirely new program that is highly interactive, innovational and inspiring for the students. This could lead them to learn how to be more aware, engaged and active in their respective communities.

Non-Formal Education

Outside the Classroom

Our projects are designed to enhance civic education skills and knowledge by promoting values such as human rights, democracy and intercultural dialogue through arts, sports, community initiatives, etc.

Employability and Vocational

Beyond the Classroom

In hopes of motivating and preparing the youth for the future, we are constantly working on several methods to give them the chance to enter the job market in development and humanitarian sectors by providing them with the job skills, life skill and technical skills.


Min ila is proudly governed by a Board of Directors that is elected every two years by our General Assembly. The rest of the team consists of our dedicated interns that always have an important role to play in the development of our organization. Supported by generous people who have become our partners, the team is the backbone of the organization that keeps us striving for more.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are a group of passionate leaders ready to bring the cause of Min ila to life.

General Assembly

As a vital part of the team, they are a talented group striving to achieve the goals of Min ila.


As part of the Internship program at Min ila, we always have a dedicated young group to aid our objective.


A special thanks to all our supporters for standing by the cause of Min ila.

Board of Directors

General Assembly

Tala Khlat


Tala Khlat began her journey by setting out to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the American University of Beirut. To further her passion in the field of social work, she went on to receive a Master’s of Arts...

Bachir Osmat, PhD

Advisor to the Minister of Social Affairs

As the advisor for Social Policies to the Minister of Social Affairs and to the National Poverty Targeting Program, Bachir Osmat is a dedicated leader with a PhD in Sociology. His skills had lead him to become...

Joy Abi Habib

External Quality and Communications Officer, Himaya

Currently holding several positions to draw on her expertise, Joy Abi Habib has spend 3 year as a psychologist on the field and is currently the External Program Coordinator for the Resilience Program in Himaya...

Olga Farhat

Counselor, Ministry of Education and Higher Education

Olga Farhat had first started her path in helping the youth of the world by achieving a Master’s degree in Education. Currently, she is working on gaining a second Master’s degree in International Relations...

Pr. Salim Daccache s.j.

Rector, Saint Joseph University

Being fully immersed in the field of education for over 35 years, Salim Daccache has been the Rector of the College Notre Dame de Jamhour for over 18 years. In 2012, he was even selected as the Rector of the Saint Joseph...

Sima Antabli

Prevention Program Manager, Himaya

With over eleven years of experience in volunteering with various NGOs and INGOs, Sima Antabli currently works as the Prevention Program Manager at Himaya, a Lebanese NGO that aims to fight child abuse...

Coraline Rasset


Coraline Rasset has a dedication in lending a hand to NGOs. She helped several local NGOs in the Philippines in adapting their strategies to national educational reforms. Graduating from the Institute of...

Ayman Badreddine, PhD

CEO, Cerapro S.A.R.L.

Dr. Ayman Badreddine holds a PhD in Economics and Finance from the Sorbonne University in Paris. Since the year 2000, he holds the CEO title of Cerapro for sanitary products and construction...

Farah Moussawi

Student of Economics, Saint Joseph University.

Currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the Saint Joseph University, Farah Moussawi is passionate in being a part of the development sector in Lebanon. As a former intern at Min ila...

Yara Ayoub

Student of Philosophy and Interior Design, Lebanese University

With many skills to follow, Yara Ayoub is currently pursuing multiple degrees to broaden her circle. She is completing her education in Philosophy from the Lebanese University and is also working...


Program Management

Amina Sundby Merkebawi
Clara Neubert
Farah Moussawi
Jeanne Billaudel
Lena Abdou
Malte Gasseling
Nagham Abou Hamdan
Perla Semaan

Research and Development

Lara Khoury
Mohammad Talal Kabbani
Yara Ayoub

Accounting and Finance

Ali Al Khalil
Hanan Ibrahim
Joudy Kuzbari
Varsenig Wanness

Communications and Media

Gabriella Lteif
Maria Bou Chaaya
Samar Mroueh
Vanessa Herro


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