“Allo, Beirut?” Exhibition (2022-2023)

“Allo, Beirut?” is a « public » immersive and interactive exhibition that is taking place in the Beit Beirut Museum in Lebanon.

Deeply rooted in our community as representations of thoughts and beliefs, art and culture contribute to the formation of attitudes and behaviors and sustain self-identity and a sense of belonging.

Although art encompasses individual works and cultures that are different geographically, its far-reaching impact on the community includes the enhancement of social cohesion. The power of artistic creativity also affirms the sense of belonging and unifies the community as they are storytellers of personal experiences and a part of the historical continuum of their family, community, and culture.

Thought for the General Public in an attempt to offer better access to Culture for all and led by Lebanese activists, artists, and journalists, this multidisciplinary project is dealing with social changes, arts, investigative journalism, social justice, and education.

Based on investigative documentation combined with sensory and immersive experiences, the project aims to use art and journalism to enable us to cultivate a sense of belonging, question the past, and envision the future for Lebanon.