Founded in Lebanon on September 2013, Min ila is a civil, independent and non-governmental organization that is determined to bring a positive change to the society through citizenship education.

The Vision

We envision a society with active, empowered and alerted citizens capable of creating a social change.

The Mission

Our mission is to empower citizens – especially the youth and marginalized – by fostering citizenship education, promoting a culture of social responsibility and nurturing an engagement to the nation.

The Objectives

Our main objective is to develop innovative content, tools and methodology for citizenship education through formal and non-formal education. We strive to build the concept of a “democratic citizenship” that is centered on the ideals of social justice, human rights, democracy, gender equality, accountability, transparency, solidarity, and civics. We are highly dedicated to raising awareness on political, economic, environmental, and social issues in order for citizens – especially the youth – to become responsible and engaged with the nation.


Our passion is revolved around the innovation of citizenship education and its learning processes. Our three programs – Formal and Non-Formal Education and the Youth Employability Program - are revolved around teaching our students a wide array of skills. Citizenship Education is a dedication that aims to teaching new skills, knowledge, and attitudes that are required to be an active, democratic, responsible and critical citizen. This is where we teach them how to tackle the formal and non-formal education sector through various different projects.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are a group of passionate leaders ready to bring the cause of Min ila to life

General Assembly

As a vital part of the team, they are a talented group striving to achieve the goals of Min ila


As part of the internship program at Min ila, we always have a dedicated young group to aid our objective

Our achievements

Lebanon, December 2022


Min ila was nominated second for the prize awarded by Fondation Ghazal and Fondation de France.

Spain, July 2018

Youth Forum for the Mediterranean, Union for the Mediterranean (UFM)

This partnership-building activity brings together representatives of youth-led organizations, platforms and networks from the Euro-Mediterranean region to develop regional cooperation projects led by youth.

Belgium, December 2016

Expert Meeting on South-Mediterranean Youth Cooperation, European Union

Young experts were invited to, amongst others, take stock of the knowledge on youth and research being carried out by different stakeholders and to design a process of strengthening knowledge networks on youth in the South Mediterranean.

Spain, September 2016

5th Global Education and Youth Training, 17th University on Youth and Development

Min ila has been selected to participate in the 5th Global Education and Youth Training Course for Youth Multipliers.

France, June 2016

MENA Regional Youth Platform, World Bank

The workshop was about sharing knowledge and expertise on youth in the MENA region to propose new platforms and cooperation between countries.


A special thanks to all our supporters for standing by the cause of Min ila.






  • Farah Moussawi- Intern

    Every success starts with a dream. A dream to change your life. My volunteering experience at Min ila gave me hope that things can be changed and it will

  • Lena Abdou- Intern

    Min ila has given me the opportunity to meet, socialize and get in touch with great people from different educational backgrounds

  • Yara Ayoub- Intern

    At Min ila, it starts crazy and ends up really brilliant

  • Haret Saida Public Highschool

    Students met with other students from different regions and cultures, they interacted with them and learned new skills such as respecting and accepting others and their values

  • Participant- Arts and Sports Project

    The activities were great and filled with joy and energy. What was special was meeting new people and developing a new friendship with them