Educating for Peace: Conflict resolution and civic education in Lebanese schools Project (2016-2017)

Educating for Peace

This one year project targeted five schools from Sour, Saida, Aley, Jounieh and Beirut. The goal was to prevent violence, foster cultural pluralism and promote civic education through working on conflict resolution with over 300 children, 50 parents and more than 40 teachers throughout Lebanon. The project was characterized by dynamic platforms for students, trainings for teachers and workshops for parents on a regular basis. In this project we tackled intercultural and interreligious dialogue, democratic values and critical thinking. It resembles a first step towards “Global Education” in which citizens are embraced with the problems of today’s society and thus creating a ground for future progress.

Number of cities targeted: 6 (Jounieh, Sour, Saida, Aley, Beirut)
Number of children targeted: 300
Number of parents targeted: 50
Number of teachers targeted: 40
Number of partners: 2